Friends and family are welcome to accompany you to your appointment. I often ask to start solo so you can get used to the process without an audience.
Tell me any requests you have and I will do my best to accommodate!
Please feel free to contact me to make any changes or have any questions about your session I am happy to talk!


Please allow yourself plenty of travel time. It’s important to be on time.
*I request 72 hours notice for cancellations.

      • *You will need 2-4 clothing changes for the shoot
*Please bring plenty of clothing options. I enjoy helping my clients choose the best options and variety.

When selecting your clothes consider the following general guidelines:

  • Solids are better than prints
  •  If you have a fun print, it can be nice to pair it with a solid on top/bottom
  • Think season-appropriate attire
  • Skin on the neck, chest, arms and legs can compete with the face, so longer sleeves or dress length is ideal
  • Black is a no-fail, classic color and is good for all skin tones in photographs
  • Even if you are having your make-up and hair done, please bring another lip color or hair ties for a quick change in style.
  • How an outfit looks in a mirror is how it will photograph. Make sure you like what you see!Fit is important. . . clothes should not be too big or too small
  • Variety is great
  • Accessories can be fun. . . sun glasses, hat, scarf. . .
  • Layers can be really good for variety. Love coats or sweaters over the tops
  • Please feel free to ask prior to session if you have special clothing questions

hair_makeup-01.pngWITH THE MAKE-UP ARTIST:

  • Come with your hair camera-ready.
  • Come with your face clean (no make-up).
  • Bring your own mascara and any favorite make-up you would like the make-up artist to use.

hair_makeup-02.pngWITH THE HAIR STYLIST:

  • Come with your hair washed, dried, and with some product in it.
  • We have straightners and curling irons, but feel free to bring your own.


  • Come with your hair camera-ready.
  • Girls, we recommend you apply 10% more make-up (blend well) than you normally wear. 



I almost exclusively shoot with natural light. I have always photographed oregon.pngin Oregon so I can deal with sun, clouds, and some rain but I am not interested in working in dark skies with pouring rain, so please plan accordingly. I try to leave enough flexibility in my schedule to accommodate rescheduling due to weather.


  • You will need to pay for your session the day of your photo shoot. 
  • FREE KEEPSAKE VIEWING BOOK   when you pay a deposit of $300 is paid on your photo session day (this deposit will be applied towards your products order). 
  • The make-up fee is paid separately to Kim King


Proof Book Keepsake

A FREE keepsake proof book can be mailed to you 10-14 days after your session! Proof books require a deposit of $300 at the time of your photo session. $300 will be applied toward your Package & Products Order until the end of your graduating year.

Web Gallery

 An online photo gallery will be emailed to you 7 to 10 days after your photo session.

Studio Slideshow Viewing and Consultation

Most clients spend $600-$1200 on package and prints. 


*Minimum purchase after the session fee is $300.00

*Ordering is done in person or via e-mail

Digital yearbook images will be emailed to the school unless the school requires a hard copy. Every high school has specific requirements for senior photo submissions. It is the client’s responsibility to provide me with the requirements and order the photo within two weeks of the due date, otherwise rush fees may apply.

  • 1/2 of the balance is due before the order is sent to the lab.
  • Finished pictures are back within 3-8 weeks.
  • Any balance due must be paid in full before any portion of the order can be picked up.

CMP office/studio is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.